We want to wish you all a very happy new year! It was a strange one indeed. Despite of the pandemic, political unrest, blistering heat, and bitter snow, 2020 was still a busy year for the Marcus Garvey Dog Run crew.

The year actually started off pretty well. We got a community grant from the City Parks Foundation. That money paid for everything from the snacks at our events to that nifty new sign out front.

“We welcome all. Except those who don’t pick up after their dogs!”

In March, the dog run, and indeed the world were plunged into a long and terrible darkness. It was worsened by the closing of our our pup’s favorite play-place. It was an agonizing few months, but we all stayed in touch.

picture of Delores' Birthday
Delores’ Birthday party!

The dog park reopened in May, and when it did, something amazing happened. We were greeted with a tsunami of freshly adopted puppies, rambunctious and ready to play!

As summer came to a close we decided to have our first cleanup. We gave the fence and benches a fresh coat of paint, fixed the play ramp, and smoothed out all the mulch. There was so much to do we had to do a second cleanup! Luckily, Partnerships for Parks Capacity Fund Grant, was there with some extra cash, and just in time for our spoooOOOky Halloween party!

2020 Marcus Garvey Dog Run Fall Cleanup
2020 Marcus Garvey Dog Run Fall Cleanup

One week of after the “It’s My Park Day” cleanup event, we held a Halloween party of epic proportions! There were treats, costumes, and dog-piles of fun! There were just too many cute costumes. I couldn’t just choose 1 picture.

What a year! By the time the holidays rolled around we were proud with the state of our dog park. As a capstone to this wild ride, Mel had the idea to throw up a Christmas tree and Menorah. And as a present to us all, we got a brand new sign. Aren’t they pretty!

One last thought before we say goodbye to 2020. We couldn’t have accomplished all that we did this year without these two guys.

Dan (Midnight’s dad) and Dan (Pocket’s dad) have been the de facto dog park groundskeepers. They’re in the park nearly every day to fill in holes, fix fencing, and pick up some unattended dog poops (you know who you are). If you see them out there, make sure to say thank you for all their hard work.

Welp, that’s it for 2020. Keep an eye on your email for more on our plans for 2021!

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