squirrel sitting on a park bench waiting for paint to dry during the marcus garvey dog run Its my park day cleanup event.

Thank you to everyone who showed up for It’s My Park day at Marcus Garvey Dog Run on Sunday! Thanks to you, we were able to finish all that work we started back in September.

We smoothed out the mulch and picked up all the trash and debris we could find. Now all our doggos can work out their zoomies without worrying about tripping or stepping on something. The sign out front is upright and spiffy in its new light blue paint job, and the fence is now finished with a fresh coat of black. Finally, we scraped off all the rusty metal flakes from the light post and painted it silver. It’s now been restored to its shiny metal glory!

Also, some of our four-legged volunteers might have come home with new blue or black spots. Good thing there were some brushes on the “Dog Accessory Swap” table. Hopefully we all found something fun or handy to take home for our dogs. The leftovers were donated to the Goodwill on 3rd avenue, so there’s still the chance of a second life for trinkets that weren’t taken.

This event was organized by volunteers of the Marcus Park Dog Run.  Generous support was provided by the Partnerships for Parks Capacity Fund Grant. Thanks to all of you!

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