Lime treatment spreader

Ears up MGD fam!  The lime treatment and park closure, which was scheduled for this evening (Tuesday, August 17) through Thursday, August 19 has been postponed, because rain is no longer in the forecast.  It’s ideal to do lime right before it rains, because the rain helps the ground absorb the lime more quickly and more thoroughly.  Please check back or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the rescheduled closure dates.

Lime treatment is recommended by the NYC Parks department. This helps sanitize the mulch in the area, keep bugs like fleas and ticks away, and suppress odors.

Lime treatments can cause lung, skin and eye irritation for dogs and humans if the lime is not properly settled in the soil. The settling process takes up to 36 hours which is why MGD will be closed during that time. The rain that currently in the forecast should accelerate the settling process.

Marcus Garvey Dog Park is maintained by volunteers.  For information on becoming a volunteer, please email


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