Marcus Garvey Dog Run Volunteers Rock!

Thanks to all the Marcus Garvey Dog Run volunteers who participated in our 2020 Fall Cleanup event on Saturday, September 19.  We had a tremendous turnout, and we we were able to accomplish a great deal.

Here are some of the things we did:

  • Reinforced the iron fencing by the sidewalks to prevent smaller dogs from jumping out, to discourage people outside park from reaching in, and to minimize the amount of trash that the wind blows inside the park.
  • Leveled out the ground cover in the big section, and partially leveled out the ground in the smaller section, which will significantly decrease water pooling after rain
  • Repainted all of the benches, and a good portion of the chainlink fencing in the big section
  • Removed all of the mulch spillage in front of the dog runs
  • Sanitized the playground equipment

Special thanks to Bill, Bushra, Dan, Jessie, Jordan and Melanie for coordinating the event.  Generous support provided by the Partnerships for Parks Capacity Fund Grant.  In kind support provided by NYC Parks.

The next cleanup date is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 17, when we plan to finish leveling the ground cover in the smaller area, and finish painting the chainlink fencing in both the large and small parks.  Sign up for the email list to get involved.

Name that Dog… and Human

In addition we had a “Name the Dog + Human” contest giveaway.  Congratulations to the prize winners Tamara, Dan, Vinny and Ose!

How many Marcus Garvey dogs can you name,  and can you name any of their humans?

Marcus Garvey Dogs

Marcus Garvey Dogs

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